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    Pavel & Marina

    Thank you to Pavel and Marina for a beautiful introduction to Russian culture. On the 25th of January, I had the pleasure of photographing a small and intimate wedding at a stunning Orthodox church in Dandenong. I found out 3 other couples, including his brother the priest, were also celebrating their anniversaries as it’s a special religious holiday in their country. I was captivated ...

    On February 23, 2015 / By
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    Jason & Veronika

    Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of festival-heads on the Stereosonic weekend (coincidentally, we all had Sunday tickets [it was my first time and I had a blast!])- Jason, Veronika, and their whole bridal party made it a point to pump up the bass right from the start and all through the night. When I arrived at the ...

    On January 3, 2015 / By
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    Devin turns 2!

    How do I make a shortlist when every shot is filled with these ridiculously cute, cheeky faces? Two hours at the birthday party and I ended up editing over 400 images. Every time I work with kids, I wish I had… a puppy. Haha! Anyways, these photos are from Devin’s 2nd birthday party last weekend. It was really sweet to see his family ...

    On September 4, 2014 / By
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    Till there was you.

    Steph and Wenpo met at college and started dating soon after- they must have made some kind of amazing love connection (5 bars!), because 10 years later, here they are! They’ve braved all the hiccups that come with transitioning from teenage years to adulthood, PLUS 3 years of long distance, and have come out the other side stronger than ever. They were two ...

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    Welcome Party!

    A while ago, Raylene invited me to her baby shower to celebrate Isabella’s first 3 months! The last time I saw this girl was a year ago- we were talking about our five year plan and this is precisely what she had been preparing for! I’m so happy that in the time we’ve been apart she’s completed 2 huge milestones; getting married to a ...

    On July 31, 2014 / By
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    A constellation of vital phenomena.

    Shot, styled, HMUA by Rachel May Tan Model: Toneya @ Scene Management Assisted by Beata Maz ...

    On June 19, 2014 / By
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    Baby Love

    A few months ago, Marc (bf) and I went over to visit his cousin’s first child, Lachlan. We stepped into their massive house with floor to ceiling windows, bathed in natural light, and I knew I was in a lighting dream! (definitely a photographer speaking haha). And then I met Lachy, and his cuteness distracted me for the rest of the day 😀 ...

    On June 6, 2014 / By
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    Feat. Anon

    Last week I covered a performance by Anon, a classical music trio featuring ‘anonymous’ cameo appearances from local musicians. Watching these talented and inspiring people create something so special together just made me wish that my parents had forced me into piano or violin lessons as a kid! I met a few of their students and you can tell the impact that ...

    On June 5, 2014 / By
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    Brightly coloured huts.

    Yesterday I met up with Singaporean photographer, Samuel Goh, and the lovely couple Cinly and Joseph. We spent the day at Brighton Beach caught between rain and pockets of sunlight. It’s always nice meeting a fellow artist and chatting about their journey in photography, which for Sam is 3 years strong. His strengths lie in communication and building a genuine connection with people. Sam’s ability to ...

    On May 29, 2014 / By
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    Welcome to my page! This site has been a long time coming, and I’m so excited to finally have a platform to share my photos and life. My name is Rachel and I’ve been shooting since 2007. I started off getting into urban exploration with some friends and moved on to organising model shoots in those hidden locations. It did help to start photography at ...

    On May 27, 2014 / By