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Marc & Hayleigh’s wedding at St Lucia Women’s College, Brisbane

Massive congratulations to my high school classmate Hayleigh and her beau, Marc! Thank you for flying me up to Brisbane to be a part of your wedding, I had a wonderful time capturing your day and I really enjoyed hanging out with your crazy group of friends! I had tons of fun going through the photos and your silly poses kept me amused the whole time. I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously and you guys definitely know how to let loose and party (:

Marc and Hayleigh met at Thriller @ Rosies in 2010, back when getting into clubs on a fake ID gave you that extra edge of excitement. She was there for Aisha’s 18th birthday (now her bridesmaid), but was distracted by the moustache and skinny jeans of a handsome stranger who was throwing out dice moves to ‘Swing’ by Savage (the Seth Rogen dance in Knocked Up! haha). Impulsive as she is, Hayleigh made the first move and kissed him on the dance floor. Turns out her instincts were on point, he’s a great guy who loves her like crazy and likewise, she’s head over heels in love with him. They share similar tastes and interests; horror movies (btw Marc, check out Ōdishon, 1999), tattoos, vintage cars/bikes, and classic rap (shoutout to Wu Tang and Biggie Smalls), but most importantly, they barrack for the same footy team- UP THE PIES!!! (you shoulda been there, I can’t count how many times this was randomly shouted out hahaha)

The day started out draped in grey with morning showers, but slowly cleared over the afternoon just in time for their outdoor wedding in St Lucia. I miss Queensland for that gorgeous sun, the photos turned out so bright and colourful thanks to the beautiful contrast of emerald green trees, warm brick walls, and a perfect cloudless sky. They had planned a simple wedding and I loved the DIY touches they put into the ceremony- they punched out thousands of little hearts to be used as confetti, made a pretty and delicate backdrop out of lace, and arranged flowers into little glass bottles. She works in party planning, so her know-how, along with the help she got from her bridesmaids, created a fantastic, personal, and meaningful setting for her wedding day. She followed a non-traditional look with a 2-piece, floor length lace gown- it looked so beautiful and unique, especially paired with her stunning wedding nails (I’ve never seen this before! they were nude with black lace and diamonte details, a different style on each finger) and super cool choker. I had such a great time shooting the bridal party- they’ve all got a sick sense of humour and make each other laugh like there’s no tomorrow. It’s funny how rude gestures can really break the ice… haha! The ceremony flowed seamlessly into a garden party under the stars with hors d’oeuvres being served throughout the night. Her uncle had made these great seats and tables out of old crates (very very cool) and they also had Arabian style pillows and throws for guests to rest on the grass. It was so comfortable and a great way to not have to worry about seating arrangements! The food was delicious and plenty, thanks to the incredible staff at the Women’s College and head chef Katelyn. It was very refreshing to have experienced a day so free from stress and troubles where the focus was really on having fun and dancing the night away (:

This wedding was featured in Rock N Roll Bride, so please check it out for further information about her planning process, where she bought what, and all the other details if you’re curious.

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