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Happy 2016 everybody (*˘ ︶ ˘*) Here’s my first post of the year, throwback to a shoot with my old college dorm buddy from Tokyo, Lisa, and her husband, Ryudo. We had such a wonderful time together and it really shows in this beautiful set of photos! There’s a visible sparkle when they look at each other and it just melts my heart. I’m a pretty sensitive person, but there’s just that extra blissful feeling when you’re shooting a friend. Something deep inside me feels so much joy that she’s found her person- the one who will love, support, and cherish her throughout her life. I am so happy for you both (:

These two make the perfect power couple (; they were college sweethearts who met at Tokyo Uni and not only survived the tumultuous path of growing up, balancing a long distance relationship, and starting real adult work life, but came out on top! (: Lisa is a brilliant woman who has the coolest job working for LVMH (she brought me some goodies from Dior which I use everyday!) and Ryudo also has a pretty alright job at… the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (Japan’s NASA)! Haha sorry I sound so overly impressed, it’s just cuz I am. This crazy guy came down for a holiday in Melbourne but still managed to fit in a 15km run every morning, even before we met up for the shoot! Insane! I feel so lazy right now –   – Lisa is really one of the sweetest, most genuinely caring people you’ll ever meet. I’m planning to visit them when I head to Tokyo this cherry blossom season and she sent me this powerpoint of everything I should see in Japan- it has maps and pictures and different backgrounds for all the pages! She even included phrases and situations to use them in. Thank you so much love, I really appreciate it 😀 Our mutual friend Martin and his girlfriend, Cece came to help us out- thanks for being ace assistants ^^ I always recommend bringing friends along because it makes the shoot that much more fun and memorable.

We had a great time travelling to Yarra Valley and taking some silly fun shots around the city and Fitzroy- the highlight for me would have to be finally finding a spot in Yarra that didn’t kick us out haha I now know better than to visit those places on the weekend!  We were lucky enough to run into a very friendly vineyard owner who offered us their place to shoot at sunset and it was the perfect ending to our day.

I’ll leave you with this sweet song to accompany the set:  100万回の「I love you」/Rake, cover by Goose House  *lyrics at the bottom*

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The words “I love you” they don’t mean enough,

Not enough to show how much I need you babe
The words “I love you”
come straight from my heart,
A million times a day I will send them through

There is, it’s only one thing,
just one thing that is always on my mind
Are you, are you happy,
or are you feeling a little blue

People cherish what is deep inside,
and everybody has a special thing
But for me there can be no mistake,
it is you, there is only you

The words “I love you” they don’t mean enough,
Not enough to show how much I need you babe
Don’t try to stop me, I miss you so-oh
I’ll grow to wings and fly if it gets me to you

Baby I love you

You move on, the other side,

slowly disappear into the crowd
You walk away, I follow your silhouette,
it hurts me to see you go
There is not a single thing I need from you,
‘Coz you are everything I’ll ever want
And anytime I need to feel you close,
you are there, by my side

I love you I love you I love you
La La La La La La…

It really don’t matter life flows to a beat,
‘Coz time means nothing
when it’s beating for you
It really don’t matter ’bout the words I say,
I just can’t say how I’m feeling today

The words “I love you” they don’t mean enough,
Not enough to show how much I need you babe
The words “I love you”
come straight from my heart,
A million times a day I will send them through

Baby I love you

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