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I’ll love you for a thousand years.

Last winter I went for a legendary 2 day pre-wedding shoot with Betsy, her little sister Angelica, Jerry, and his long term bff John. They made the trip down from Brisbane blissfully unaware of the wild weather we were about to face on day 2; great job keeping it all together guys! We met at QV in the morning and I took them for macarons at La Belle Miette on Hardware Ln (by the way, check out Betsy’s delicious side business Sweet Delirium that she started with a couple of friends). Everyone had a fun time stuffing our faces with yummyfancycreamycrispy biscuits until we were all on a sugar high, and that is possibly what made day 1, according to John, “The road trip of a LIFETIME!!! 2/2 would come again!”.

After showing them down Bourke and Collins st, we made our way to Prahran to check out Soda Rock, an old school diner, as I knew they love all things American. I didn’t have to do too much directing because all my favourite shots from this trip were mid-laugh while someone was telling a joke or teasing or tickling. That’s why it’s great to bring your siblings and close friends on these photo trips, they bring a light, silly mood no matter what the conditions are like, and you end up having a more memorable shoot and a shared experience. After Soda Rock, we checked out Chapel street for a bit then put peddle to the metal and started off for Great Ocean Road.

By the time we arrived it was time for dinner. We put our stuff down at the hotel and headed to the closest restaurant. If you’re going to GOR, be prepared to feel extorted by the $30 a plate pricing on *pretty standard* food ): John, being the chivalrous gentleman he is, bought all my meals, so I reeeally have nothing to complain about. Just a friendly warning because if you’re planning a long stay, it’s not a bad idea to pack some food (i.e bbq supplies, sandwiches ++)!

Day two was a shocker, none of us expected it to be THAT cold… and raining. It was just that kind of windy winter day, but we were so lucky to get some sunshine later in the afternoon. Morning was the worst, just trying to force ourselves outside when every fibre of their sunbaked Queensland bodies must’ve been screaming NOOOOO~ Maybe in hindsight I’m exaggerating, but yes, it was very cold. The greatest benefit of visiting Great Ocean Road in winter is that you get a private viewing of these incredible, glorious landscapes. [Photo tip: Bumping up the yellow tones in post processing makes an image look a whole lot warmer than real life]. We had some hilarious moments that weekend, like when the tide came in and chased Jerry and Betsy right to the edge of the cliff! I managed to catch the photos, but sacrificed my badly planned canvas shoes for the remainder of the trip. Really funny memories though (: We did an outfit change in the middle of the day for a bit of variety; Betsy wore a wedding gown in the morning which I provided, and later changed into a dusty pink gown which complimented the rolling green hills perfectly. Jerry changed from his navy blue suit and tie, to a tuxedo complete with a sharp Bond-style bowtie. They look so glamorous dressed up, whereas if you were looking on the other side of the camera, I could be found covered in a hot pink fluffy bathrobe (hey, I was cold), jeans, 2 jumpers, and a terrible pair of  thongs.

We ended the day with a small hike to the lighthouse, then wandered off into a forest of dead trees (one of Betsy’s favourite things). I do love a good dead tree, branches awry, casting haunting shadows and reminding us of the beauty in life, as well as in death.

I was so happy to have gotten the chance to know these awesome, smart, and very, very funny people over the weekend. Jerry and Betsy have been together for 10 years and, according to Angelica, they still get this excited for each other every time they have date nights (rather often). It’s so sweet to see how cute you are with each other; those micro expressions that are here and gone in a millisecond, little moments when you slip back into childish fits of laughter and silliness, that’s when you can tell someone is truly happy. You’re both great people with a support network of top notch friends, there’s no wonder you’ve have made it to this point. I’m truly so happy for you from the bottom of my heart (: I wish you all the best in your *soon to be* married life. You deserve it!

Thank you John, Angelica, Betsy, and Jerry for a fantastic weekend I’ll always remember.


Much love to you all,



P.S I recommend listening to this song while viewing the set https://youtu.be/rtOvBOTyX00. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside (:


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This was my favourite roll-on-the-floor-laughing moment from that weekend- John and Angelica were standing on the side of the road watching these two make out, as per usual. All of a sudden they double over cacking themselves and Angelica screams out “I know why this looks so funny!! We can’t see your face Jerry, and your cardigan makes it look like a lesbian couple kissing under the hat!!” I think you had to be there haha! P:


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