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Albert & Angie’s wedding at Happy Receptions, Ascot Vale

Albert and Angie’s wedding was a beautiful mix of cultures; second generation Australians with Vietnamese heritage meant we got to experience both traditions over a 14 hour day! I fell in love with the bright and colourful patterns of the ao dai (traditional dress)- every scene was an exciting splash of red, blue, yellow, and green moving harmoniously through the crowd. It was so interesting just observing their customs on the day, from paying respects to past relatives at their home alter, to praying for the future with Albert’s family at church. I found it so meaningful that they kept rooted in tradition despite having grown up here, it would mean so much for their ancestors to know they are missed, and moreso to those who attended; they will always be remembered.

The day started with Albert’s relatives gathering the gifts from his family home- vivid red containers holding luxurious food and liquor as offerings to the bride’s extended family. There was even a whole roast suckling pig! It must be similar in Chinese culture as I remember mum telling me about how this was common practice in the olden days. I would not mind one of those after a whole day smiling for cameras! Angie looked absolutely stunning in her red ao dai and khăn đóng- the intricate beading and translucent back set her apart from all the other women and seemed to reference a western bridal gown in some ways. I especially loved the high collar and details around the neck, she kept this highlight with the princess cut bridal gown and lace choker that was so pretty and delicate, but with an edge. Her bridesmaids were wearing sky blue dresses, and with her sister’s dyed white blonde hair, she looked just like Princess Elsa! After the tea ceremony at the bride’s home, we arrived back at the groom’s for the ceremony with his grandmothers and prayer with the relatives. Lunch was so fantastic, as expected with all the aunties cooking up a storm!  I was stopped at least ten times by people who kept telling me to put down my camera and eat! haha Thank you all, I felt so at home and it really made me miss my family. I experienced something new and different that day, the closeness of this extended family and how well they integrated with each other really left a lasting impression. This was the first time I had worked such a big wedding on my own, but it didn’t feel tiring at all (at least not until I got home!) cuz their smiles and laughter reenergised me! The reception at night was hilarious, there was a superb gangnam style dance-off (both owned it) and Albert humbly took to the stage after… and proceeded to blow everyone away with his actual dance skills haha! I had such a good time and really love this set of photos. Thank you all for being so accommodating and inclusive, a no-fuss couple who were so chilled on the day- I hope their happy, relaxed natures show in this post.

P.S. Keep an eye out for Albert’s dad’s amazing front yard! That topiary is some next level Dr. Seuss biz!!

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